Started from a love story, now we’re here…

Stockroom Picks & Picked Floristry is a punchy boutique rental + floral design company.

We’re not your average five-and-dime trio of Pickers. With a vision for spunky flower power and a warehouse stocked full of one-of-a-kind picks, handcrafted items and small details décor, we have what you’ll need to give your event a free-spirited killer vibe, help it stay a little off the beaten path and make it everything you envision.

At Stockroom Picks & Picked Floristry, we believe that every piece we pick has a story and every piece we create adds to the narrative. We aim to assist you in the design for your space and to help you create a rad and unforgettable moment in time for your guests. This is our obsession, passion, and basically the only reason we get up in the morning. Let’s face it, if you’re going to throw a bash, it might as well be the brassiest party this side of the Mason Dixon.

Whether you’re hosting a saucy dinner party, throwing a sassy bridal shower, or planning the dreamiest wedding of the century, the Pickers have you covered.

Don’t see that perfect pick in our Stockroom, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to add it to our stock.

Picking, after all, is our favorite part!

Stockroom Picks & Picked Floristry is centrally located in Fresno, CA., but we are happy to blaze trails throughout California.

Shoot us an email through the Inquiry Form to set up a little meet and greet action.