Started from a love story, now we’re here…

Stockroom Picks is a specialty rental-for-hire company with a uniquely hand-curated collection, home to hundreds of one-of-a kind vintage picks, handcrafted items and small details décor. Our stock of rentals will help give your event a killer vibe, help it stay a little off the beaten path, and, of course, make it everything you envision.

At Stockroom Picks, we believe that every piece we pick has a story and every piece we’ve handmade adds to the narrative. We want to create an unforgettable story with you for your guests. This is our obsession, passion, and basically the only reason we get up in the morning. Whether you’re hosting the dopest dinner party, throwing the most alluring bridal shower, or planning the fanciful wedding of your dreams, these Pickers have you covered.

Don’t see that perfect pick in out Stockroom, drop us a line and we’ll do out best to add it to our stock.

Picking, after all, is our favorite part!

In addition to our super groovy picks, we also bring you the grooviest floristry around… At least we think so. Picked Floristry embodies the Picker spirit by embracing all things imperfectly perfect. With a background in art, the Picker behind the flower magic fancies infusing her natural ability, clever wit and hilarity into her work. Weddings are a blast, and we think flowers should be too.

Picked Floristry is located in the same space as Stockroom Picks. What better way to enhance those picks than with goddess-like flower power?

Needless to say, Picked Floristry is the hotty to Stockroom Pick’s toddy.

Our Stockroom is located in Fresno, CA, but we are happy to deliver throughout California.