Milk & Honey Event

Ladies, your Picker Chicks L O V E bridal shows. They are our jam.

There’s nothing more organic then showing these newlyweds what our Picks can. really. do.

BUT as much as your typical bridal show gets our juices flowing, we get that it’s also not everyone’s jam. That’s where The Milk and Honey Event was born as the creative love child from some great local wedding vendors.

Meet your not so typical, Instagram worthy, knock your socks off …anti Bridal Show. Picker brides were invited, picker brides mingled, picker brides made some fab (if I do say so myself) flower crowns, picker brides had the chance to connect with some of the Valley’s BEST vendors all hand-picked in a low pressure setting. Think: Bridal show booths, but NO vendors at the booth. Strange, huh? But not so much.

Your Picker Chicks made some great contacts with brides who left feeling like they were our new found besties for the resties …at least we hope so! Check it out and tell us what you think!laurenwestra-MHstyled-199laurenwestra-MHstyled-207Serving us all sorts of ranunculus evny from Rustic Roots Floral Designlaurenwestra-MHstyled-202laurenwestra-MHstyled-182laurenwestra-MHstyled-197laurenwestra-MHstyled-195laurenwestra-MHstyled-203laurenwestra-MHstyled-206laurenwestra-MHstyled-196laurenwestra-MHstyled-204laurenwestra-MHstyled-160If this doesn’t excite who are you even? Gorgeousness from Beard and Bloom

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Nothing like enjoying a little photo stop from Lauren Westra and Megan Welker meganwelker-milk&honey-28meganwelker-milk&honey-31I’m fairly certain I’ve never seen a cuter vendor directory, like ever. Props to Lauren Westra, Megan Welker and Ribbon and Leafmeganwelker-milk&honey-49meganwelker-milk&honey-51We’ll just be sitting here drooling don’t mind us, Jade Magnoliameganwelker-milk&honey-50meganwelker-milk&honey-60meganwelker-milk&honey-52meganwelker-milk&honey-58Again, why must you torture us so? Just kidding, we love Jade Magnolia!meganwelker-milk&honey-59meganwelker-milk&honey-68meganwelker-milk&honey-67Pretty much in love with Rustic Roots Floral Design setup on our white arch meganwelker-milk&honey-69MH2017-94MH2017-93meganwelker-milk&honey-64MH2017-92Watching Hannah Hartman Hair make serious magic with hair MH2017-21MH2017-21 - Copymeganwelker-milk&honey-86These colors with these dresses …give me all kinds of heart eyes with Whats Up Europe and Mint Design Cameganwelker-milk&honey-109AND really this bombshell knows how to take ’em ladies! Always a joy with Kelli Avila Photography meganwelker-milk&honey-111meganwelker-milk&honey-110meganwelker-milk&honey-108meganwelker-milk&honey-107meganwelker-milk&honey-133Need calligraphy? Your girl Sam at The Scribble Shop is your go to!meganwelker-milk&honey-128There were legit SO many deserts I though we might never leave. The Frosted Cakery put the cherry on top!MH2017-4meganwelker-milk&honey-132MH2017-10MH2017-6meganwelker-milk&honey-131meganwelker-milk&honey-129MH2017-3

Bakery, ’nuff saidmeganwelker-milk&honey-135

Ellie Koleen Photography making booths moves like …wow!meganwelker-milk&honey-134meganwelker-milk&honey-136MH2017-20MH2017-18MH2017-17MH2017-16MH2017-19MH2017-30All I need is coffee and you! Gorg setup from Ribbon and Leaf and Lauren WestraMH2017-29MH2017-58MH2017-60MH2017-68MH2017-53It isn’t a party without Fugazzi’sMH2017-54MH2017-50MH2017-49Flower crown magic making happening MH2017-81MH2017-83MH2017-46

Milk and Honey:

Yours truly, Stockroom Picks with the: Lauren Westra, Megan Welker, Ribbon and Leaf Events, Rustic Roots Floral Design, Mint Design Ca, Whats Up Europe, Hannah Hartman Hair, Kelli Avila Photography, Ellie Koleen Photography, Jade Magnolia, Fugazzis, Frosted Cakery

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