You Are Fresno – Friendsgiving Style

In the spirit of Turkey Day, feel free to live vicariously through these photos of the dopest Friendsgiving from issue NO.2 of You Are Fresno Magazine we’ve had the pleasure of attending. In the middle of summer, nestled on the side yard of the Picker’s Place, Michelle Daily – the mind and magic behind You Are Fresno – envisioned and executed the coziest and most enticing setting for a group of wedding and small business professionals, most who had never even met, to come together and share what they are most thankful for. For some, this included love, friendship and health. For the rest of us, we were just thankful for the delish wine provided by King River Winery and the yummy spread by Fig & Honey Lavish Grazing.

We first met Michelle when we were asked to be part of the first issue of You Are Fresno and knew immediately she had something special in the works. Her idea of bringing the people in this community together and promoting Fresno’s small, local businesses and artists seriously had us excited. Living in a (sort of?) little town, we constantly hear about putting our community first, giving back to the community, what’s best for our community, am I right? But… how many of us have actually sat down and thought about what the term community truly means to us and our big-little town? Essentially, a community is a network of a support system – a group of people with similar beliefs working towards a common goal. Sounds good, right? But, let’s go a little deeper (not too deep, because let’s be real. This is a blog, not a term paper). Why does a community even exist? Why should we place such an emphasis on maintaining a strong communal bond?

For me, it’s really simple. We NEED each other. In today’s world, the necessities of life RARELY come from one’s own hands or abilities. Being entirely self sufficient (unless you’re Buffalo Jack living off the land somewhere high on a mountain) just isn’t the norm anymore. We need each other to advocate and support those who don’t have a voice. We need to feel like we belong. We need to be connected and establish relationships to develop as human beings.

As far as bringing the community together, Michelle most definitely hit the nail on head with this one. Sitting around this table, you would have never guessed that most of these people had never met. There were artists, teachers, chefs, photographers, bloggers, event planners and coordinators, radio hosts, junk Pickers (LOL), friends, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. There was eating, there was drinking and there was lots and lots of laughter. This night is one  that will go down in Picker history and we will be forever grateful (and thankful) for.

This is community. This is Fresno.



Magazine: You Are Fresno

Photography: Erica Houck Photography

Catering: Fig & Honey Lavish Grazing

Wine: Kings River Winery

Calligraphy: Scribble and Script

Pies: Tea Time Bake Shop

Bread Loaves: Fresh Bread and Flowers

Rentals: Stockroom Picks

Floristry: Picked Floristry





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