Stockroom Picks

We like to start out by setting up an appointment to view our warehouse. With
approximately 5,000 square feet filled with our one-of-a-kind Picks, it can be quite
overwhelming at first. Don’t worry, we can take our time, pull out some Picks
and begin assisting you in designing your dream space.

At this point, you probably have a good idea of what items you’d like to rent.
We’ll work up a rental estimate for you listing all items you are interested in,
including an estimated delivery fee.

Once you are ready to secure the items for your date, we require a forty (40%) percent
retainer and a signed contract. The items you are interested in are not secured unless
we have both the retainer and a signed contract, even if you have received an estimate.
At this time, you will need to provide the event location, estimated delivery time and
specific delivery details. Come wedding day, all rented items will be delivered by a
member of the Stockroom Picks team. We will unload and place items in a designated
drop location and it will be up to the client or client’s designated person to place all items.

All deliveries are transported via truck and trailer, which means we absolutely have
to know where we will be dropping rental items, where certain items will be placed
(If applicable), if we are able to access those locations at the agreed upon delivery time
and if there is ample room for or us to pull in, back in and deliver properly.  Additional labor
charges apply if we are unable to deliver where specified and planned in our contract

Click here for Stockroom Picks Inquiry Form.